09 September 2021

Nails Inc. 512 Noho (Bling It On Rebel)

Nails Inc. je brend koji sam aktivno izbegavala dok je bio dostupan kod nas jer mi boje nisu bile zanimljive, a cena im je bila previsoka. Na moju sreću, a uvoznikovu žalost, prodaja očigledno nije išla sjajno sam ovaj set kupila upola cene, ako ne i za svega trećinu cene. Bling It On Rebel je set u kome se nalaze lak u nijansi Noho, superlepak i različite dekoracije.
Nails Inc. is a brand that I actively avoided while it was available in Serbia because colours were not interesting to me, and I found them to be overpriced. Fortunately for me, not for the importer, the sales obviously weren't great, so I managed to get this set at half if not even a third of the price. Bling It On Rebel is a set containing polish in shade Noho, superglue and various decorations.
Noho je crni teksturni lak bez drugih specijalnih čestica i efekata i zamišljen je da daje izgled štavljene kože. Ne suši se do mat završnice i, mada slični lakovi drugih proizvođača deluju veoma diskutabilno (ahem, China Glaze Texture kolekcija), ovaj izgleda prilično dobro. Mislim da je to zato što nisu preterali sa količinom i veličinom zrnaca i efekat je, ako zažmurim na jedno oko, sličan štavljenoj koži. Ono čime me je ovaj lak veoma prijatno iznenadio je pigmentacija - puna boja i efekat se postižu iz jednog sloja. Osim laka, u setu se nalaze i nitne, štras i četiri lobanjice (takođe sa štrasom). Zbog tog štrasa, lobanje ne deluju strašno već pomalo glupo (kao Ramones majice sa šljokicama), no htela sam da ih isprobam jer nemam običaj da nosim tako krupne ukrase. Računala sam da će se odlepiti prilično brzo, ali sam pogrešila. Evo ih, stoje već treći dan, kače mi se za kosu i ćebe, ali ne otpadaju. Već se užasavam skidanja. Pošto mi je malo superlepka iscurelo u očne duplje lobanjica, dodala sam (ne sasvim uspešno) crveni šljokičavi lak (što ne bismo sve učinili još bizarnijim) i nisam sasvim nezadovoljna krajnjim izgledom.
Noho is a black textured polish without any other special particles and effect and it was meant to look like leather. It doesn't dry matte and, while some other brands' similar polishes look rather off (I'm looking at you, China Glaze Texture collection), this one looks quite good. I believe it is because they haven't added too many of the grains and kept it simple. If I squint, it does look kinda like leather. Where this polish surprised me pleasently is the pigmentation - I got full effect, colour and coverage in a single coat. Since the set also contains some square studs, round crystals and four skull and crossbones decorations (also with crystals). I find those kinds of decorations to be silly (like Ramones t-shirts with sequins), but I wanted to give them a try because I haven't worn such large decoratios in a while. I counted on them coming off on their own immediately, but I was wrong. They have been on for three days, catching on my hair and blanket, but they are staying firmly in place. I am already dreading the removal. Some glue went into the eye sockets so I added (not very successfully) red glitter polish (why not make things more bizzare) and I have to admit I am not displeased with the end result.
Slike su snimljene na dnevnom svetlu. Imam dva sloja laka i nemam nadlak.

Photos were taken in natural light. I have two coats of polish and no top coat.


  1. It looks nice and I do like it. :-) The red eyes are cool, good idea.

    You know, I bought this when it first came out and paid a fortune! Still not used it :-O

    Do you like the Ramones? No really a fan (they are okay though) and definitely not a fan of sequins. I don't like how they look and I do pick at them too!

    Music wise, I am more into 60s and 70s rock and 60s/70s stuff in general!

    1. Oh, I'm glad I am not alone in having polishes sit for years, unworn.
      I like Ramones, don't love them. I'm more of The Clash fan, and Ramones are too much like Beach Boys for my liking. My dad listens to classic rock so I did grow up with that music. I love Roy Orbison, for instance, and Phil Spector production. 60s and 70s music was great and still is. I love cheesy 80's music as well and I am not ashamed of it (I am an 80s kid, after all). But what I listen to the most is power and symphonic metal. I don't like to label myself because I can enjoy different music styles, but metal, punk and darkwave dominate my playlists.

    2. Haha yes, join the club! I am sooooo bad for it!

      Oh your dad brought you up well with his music then! I am an 80s kids too and some good stuff from that time. I don't like to label myself either, because I do like rock but might even listen to Britney (I like her dancy tracks) then listen to Roy Orbison right after haha! The older I get the more I appreciate The Clash. I remember when Joe Strummer died, it was quite a shock because he was so young :-(

    3. You said Britney and my mind immediately jumped to Gio performing Baby One More Time. And then to Bill Bailey's reason for quitting Never Mind The Buzzcocks.
      Yeah, Strummer, Dio and Gary Moore were my three greatest musical losses. The ones I really felt. And so it goes.

  2. I never watched that show. I saw Bill Bailey live in 1997! He was really good and very funny. I love him in Black Books :-D

    Oh yes Dio <3 <3 I saw him live twice, what a man great live. And Gary yes. Didn't see him live though. I love all of Dio's stuff from Elf to Rainbow to Sabbath to his solo. I was really upset at the recently passed Charlie Watts, I love The Rolling Stones and he was always my favourite by a long way! Being a huge Jefferson Airplane fan, I felt the loss of Paul Kantner and Marty Balin.

    1. NMtB has been revived, with Greg Davies as the host, but no Bill. I love Bill in Black Books as well.
      The only British comedian I saw live, because he toured the Balkans 5-6 years ago, was Jimmy Carr. His show was exactly what I expected, but his meet & greet was delightful because he was so laid back and very friendly. I'd love to see Phill Jupitus, but I think he doesn't venture outside of UK. I can't hear "kestrel" without thinking of him. :D

    2. I was never really into it. I donno who Greg is. Yes wasn't Black Books wonderful, so funny :-D Ahh Jimmy Carr, I can take him or leave him. I need to be in the mood for him. I find him bland at times and then hysterical other times. That is good he was really nice :-D Now that is a name I haven't heard in a long long time! Is he still in shows? Donno much about his stuff, so don't get that!

      I have seen a lot of standups live - mainly in the 90s. The best ever was Joan Rivers - she was amazing live. The other ones I have seen: Lee Evans (very good), Julian Clary (very good), Jo Brand (rubbish), Lily Savage (amazing), Paul Merton (very good). Do you know any of those ones?

    3. Ah, it seems we might have different taste in comedians, but I have to stress that I only know of the ones you mentioned from panel shows, and I am not familiar with their stand up material (except Joan Rivers), which may differ because of the format and time they have at their disposal. For instance, I didn't like John Oliver as a standup comedian (I have only seen him in Mock The Week, where they have a lot of space for improv), but I enjoy his late night show, possibly because it isn't a comedy show and because they have writers there and he is just there for delivery.
      Now, Black Books is such a great show. I didn't like Dylan Moran before that show, but he converted me to a fan. I watched a recording of one of his standup shows and I didn't really get all of it, but what I did get was really funny.
      I agree with you about Jimmy - he is a hit and miss. My overall impression was positive, but expected because he was pretty much the same as in the shows he was a guest in (the ones he hosts are different because he reads prepared material). Jo Brand is just okay for me, I don't think I would pay to see her show. I think I've watched Julian Clary only once and, again, he was okay, nothing memorable except his voice. I very strongly dislike Joan Rivers (and American comedians in general) but I am mostly familiar with her later work, which I didn't find funny at all. Lee Evans and Lily Savage I haven't heard of, so that's something for me to do this evening. :D


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